• Sunday Night Service and Thrive: Everyone is encouraged to join us for Sunday night service and Thrive every 1st and 3rd Sunday’s of each month, starting at 5:30 pm.  Adults in the Sanctuary beginning at 6:00 and Thrive is held in the Fellowship Hall.  All kids from 3 years old – 6th grade is invited. Please see Amber Marley if you have any questions.
  • Prayer Room: Everyone is encouraged to join us for a time of prayer. Please join us in the Adult II classroom 10-15 minutes prior to each service.
  • Wednesday Night Service: Everyone is encouraged to come and be with us on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm
  • Centennial News: You can still purchase Throws ($40) and Pottery Plates ($24), please see a member of the committee for more info.
  • Prayer Requests/Praises: Any prayer request/praise report must be given to the prayer committee by 11:59 pm on Wednesdays. If there are any prayer requests that can be removed or updated to a praise report, please let a member of the Prayer Committee know.  Also, please note that they will start with a new prayer sheet each month.
  • Special Offerings: Please remember our special offerings for the Youth Group (1st Sunday) and the Cameron Boy’s/Duncan Girls Home (3rd Sunday).
  • Flowers on the Altar: Please contact a member of the Flower Committee if you would like to place flowers on the altar in honor of a family member or in recognition of a special event.
  • CD Ministry: If you would like a CD of a Sunday morning service, please notify a member of the Technology team.
  • Misc. Forms: Check request and work order forms are located in the foyer for your convenience. Please summit work request forms to a member of the Building and Grounds Committee and submit check request forms to Helen, Kimmie or Martin.
  • First Aid Kit and AED: These are now located by the side door near the restrooms.
  • Food and Drink: We would like to ask everyone to help keep carpets, pews, etc. as clean as possible. Please be careful with food, drink, markers, and anything else that could stain or mark surfaces. Thank you.

To add your announcement to the sheet or sign, please contact Kimmie, Pastor Bill  or